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Chat Driver: What Your Website Needs To Get More Auto Sales Leads

April 17, 2011 - 2:59 am

You’ve surely heard of Live Chat services that drive auto sales leads to your website. Whether you want to have a live chat function on your website or not doesn’t change the fact that in order to develop better auto sales leads, you need to have a program that enables you to bring in website leads. You need a Chat Driver.

A Chat Driver is exactly what it sounds like; someone or something that drives on-site chats on your dealer website. You might call the “Chat Now” icon on your website a Chat Driver, since it encourages or drives people to chat with you. You may refer to the chat agents as Chat Drivers because they carry on the conversations that turn into auto sales leads. No matter what you consider to be a Chat Driver, one thing is for certain, you website needs one, or more than one chat driver in full force.

One kind of Chat Driver is the marketing efforts that you put forth for your dealer website. Is your dealership on Facebook? Is your dealership on Twitter? Do you advertise in places where your potential customers will see the ads? All of these things are chat drivers; things that encourage people to come to your website and engage in chat.

Another kind of Chat Driver is the placement of your advertisement for your live chat services. You cannot hide this advertisement or else people will not see it. Humans are visual creatures. Make that button stand out. Make it attractive. Make sure it is visible as soon as someone lands on your website. Having an appropriate placement for your Live Chat button is another chat driver that will promote chats to take place on your site.

The most obvious Chat Driver is the actual agent who engages in the chat. The agent, whether they are a member of your car dealership, or a trained live agent that your live chat provider employs, that agent is literally in the driver’s seat in the conversation. It is the responsibility of the agent, or chat driver to be sure they are keeping the customer number one and addressing all of their concerns. There is a right and a wrong way to handle a live chat conversation and the chat agent has to be sure they are doing it right in order to generate Auto Sales Leads for your dealership.

Why are we focusing so much on having one or more Chat Driver? Because it is a fact that your own website will generate the highest quality auto sales leads. The main reason is that people on your website are there because they are interested in your product. It is important to keep your mind on your chat driver options. You must have a chat driver that encourages people to your dealer website, a chat driver that informs your website visitors that you have a live representative available to help, and a chat driver who is able to engage in conversation with your website visitors. The right combination of chat drivers will drive lots of auto sales leads to your site, and have more customers driving away from your lot in new cars.

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