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“I Can Do Better By Myself” – Generating Your Own Quality Car Sales Leads

March 8, 2011 - 2:55 am

After taking a look at your numbers from last month, which may have been a bad month, take a look at the success or lack thereof of your lead sources. It seems for the number of leads you get, you’re not even converting 10% of them. You exclaim, This is ridiculous! I could generate better leads on my own!

Though the expression may have been out of anger and frustration, you couldn’t have spoken truer words. You can get better leads, and you can generate them by yourself.

The first step to generating your own leads is figuring out where people are. Where are they spending their time? The answer: The internet. There are millions of people doing their shopping on the internet. So, that’s where you need to start.

You don’t want to capture every single person who wants to buy something, do you? Of course not, you’re a little more specific. You want Car Sales Leads. So, where do people look for cars on the internet? They look on dealer websites; YOUR dealer website.

Perfect. You set up marketing campaigns and e-mail blasts driving people to your website and encouraging them to check out your brand new (and pricey!) new website. You check out your analytics page and people are coming to your site. But there’s a problem: you’re not seeing an increase in your lead count or car sales. The reason: you don’t have Dealer Chat Software.

Let me ask you, who is coming to your site? Why are they there? Are they looking to buy a car right now? Do they like the new model Toyota that’s on your site? Do they want new or used? What’s their phone number so you can give them a call and set everything up for them to visit the dealership?

Does your analytics tell you that? Of course it doesn’t. Would this information be amazing to have? Absolutely, this is the information that is driving your sales. It takes a random website visitor from being considered just another “visitor” to a high quality Car Sales Lead and potential customer.

Dealer Chat Software enables you to not only track visitors but to engage with them. You have the ability to ask the visitor questions, get answers; get to know your potential customer a bit more. You basically do the same thing that you would do in the showroom, right online. Because again, that’s where the people are; they’re online.

Dealer Chat Software enables you to generate your very own car sales leads. And since they’re from your dealer website, they’re going to be of better quality than third party lead sources who sometimes send leads that turn out to be bad. How many times have you gotten a bad phone number from a lead? How about contacting one of your car sales leads who claims that they never even filled out an inquiry? Some dealers report as many as 60% of their leads being invalid, unreachable, or not in the market for a vehicle.

Interacting in real time using dealer chat software eliminates the question to whether or not your visitor is in the market for a vehicle. Even if they’re not buying today, they may be in the market very soon. Providing a level of customer service online will surely produce you even more quality car sales leads than you ever thought possible.

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