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Don’t Let Your Website Go out in Public without Its Dealer Chat Software

March 8, 2011 - 2:51 am

It’s not considered the best form if you go outside without any clothes on. In the same consideration, it’s not a good idea to let your dealer website go live without its software on; that is, its dealer chat software.

Websites have been active for quite a few years now. At first, only the up-and-coming dealerships had a dealer website. Other dealers began to jump onto the idea of having a website slowly. Although it became more accepted, the last thing that dealers expected to get from their websites were car sales leads.

Sure, people would come across the site in order to get the address or maybe check some inventory. None of those people would actually want to interact with someone. If they wanted to come in or had a question, they’d come into the dealership. Dealer Chat Software wasn’t necessary to many dealers.

As times progressed, it was realized that people were doing more and more shopping from home. Internet sales skyrocketed and companies like Target and other department stores offered their website visitors the ability to chat with live representatives on their website. If department stores were doing it and capitalizing and selling items online, why couldn’t Dealer Chat Software do the same thing by capturing Car Sales Leads?

These days, a car dealership without a website is almost unheard of. Most all dealers have seemingly realized the importance of having an online presence. Dealers are also becoming more conscious of their Car Sales Leads; where they’re getting them from as well as how valid they are and the level of their quality.

Depending on the dealer, they may or may not have dealer chat software on their website. Without dealer chat software, dealers are unable to capture potential car sales leads. And a potential car sales leads from their website could potentially become a car sale at the dealership if they have dealer chat software.

Not all visitors want to have an online chat interaction. But some people do. Those are the people who aren’t going to proactively come to your showroom to purchase a car. These are the car sales leads that you’re going to have to talk to a little bit before they come in. That computer screen in between the two of you is the mediator that’s needed to enable that person to feel more comfortable.

It’s a known fact that the more comfortable someone is the more likely they are to engage in a conversation.

Where in the world is more comfortable than in the privacy of your own home? Dealer Chat Software allows you to interact with the people who are just as capable and ready to purchase a vehicle as those in your showroom. They may also be more willing to have an exchange with someone privately without the fear of being taken advantage of.

Without dealer chat software, your website is naked. It is vulnerable to being simply clicked on and left for another page. If you want people to stick around your website, and potentially become car sales leads, and actual customers, then dealer chat software is the only way to go. The potential car sales leads that your dealership could generate from its website can only be done with dealer chat software.

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