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It’s 3AM, Do You Know Who’s Working Your Automotive Sales Leads?

October 31, 2010 - 2:04 am

Chances are, your answer is “no one”. All of your salesmen and business development representatives are snuggled in their beds with visions of dollar signs dancing in their heads. Your dealership doors are locked up tight, but that doesn’t mean potential customers aren’t up late at night. When potential customers are on your website at 3AM, no one is working them.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have someone, or better yet a team of people, available to handle questions and concerns and collect information from potential customers when a salesman isn’t available. Imagine all of the high quality, website generated leads you would have. If only you could have someone available around the clock to provide chat support to all of those prospects visiting your website.


You can.

It’s called Dealer Chat. And chances are, you knew what I was getting at from the beginning.


Now that dealer chat services have had a chance to become more commonly known, you’ve probably heard one or more sales pitches explaining how having dealer chat will increase your automotive sales leads. For a lot of dealers, the proof is in the numbers. There are case studies and extensive research available that shows how effective dealer chat is.

Dealers invest a lot of money into marketing and optimization for their website. The goal is to drive more traffic to their website. You want people to come to your website. You want to capture automotive sales leads from your own site.

If you’re lucky and strategic, you get what you want. People are coming to your website, staying on your website, and browsing your website. What now?

Getting traffic to your website is not enough. You have to engage the customer, and provide a call to action. If a potential customer walked into your showroom and no one greeted them or offered assistance, leaving them to search on their own, you’d probably have an issue with that. But this is what’s happening every day if you aren’t using dealer chat on your website.

Countless people are visiting your site. Visitors are more than just numbers on your analytics report. Visitors to your website are potential sales, customers for life, and sources of repeat and referral business. You have to treat them as such not only during the sale and after the sale, but before the sale as well. Dealer chat enables you to converse with the customer, learn what their needs are, build rapport, and determine an appropriate call to action depending on the circumstances of the conversation.

Is there such thing as a 24/7 dealership yet? If you have a website, then the answer is yes, your dealership is open 24/7. It only makes sense to have available coverage for your online showroom around the clock. Not everyone is a 9-5 or 1-9 working person. People work overnight shifts, split shifts, and unusual shifts. A potential customer might be online at 3AM searching your inventory. Who is going to answer their questions at 3AM if they call your dealership?

Dealer chat enables designated, trained and professional representatives to be available to capture automotive sales leads. There are some providers who offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dealer chat isn’t for everyone. It’s for dealers who want to bridge the gap between the internet and the showroom. It’s for dealers who want to capture the website traffic, engage them, build rapport, and convert that website visit into an automotive sales lead, and then into a sale. Dealer chat is for the new age, proactive dealers who want to be on board the technological train to financial success.


Is Dealer Chat for you?

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