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High Quality Car Sales Leads Without the Hassle

November 10, 2010 - 2:41 am

Signing up for anything can sometimes be a hassle. Whether you’re signing up for a new magazine, car insurance or something as simple as car sales leads, there are a lot of things to consider when making your decision. When you’re ready to sign up, there are dozens of questions from lead cost budget to geo-tagging that are enough to give you a headache. However, at the end of the day, it’s car sales leads that can make a dealership even more successful.

The newest member of the car sales lead providers is auto dealer chat. Many dealerships have signed up to have a live chat function on their website, while others are still waiting for the ‘right time’. If those dealers have gone through the process of signing up for other lead source providers, then it’s no wonder they are so hesitant. Contrary to their seemingly logical thought process, getting auto dealer chat and getting more sales is much easier than they think.

There are several companies that offer auto dealer chat and each has a variety of features. All of which are customizable to the needs of the dealer. Whether they are looking for simple chat coverage during business hours, software for their staff to capture chat leads, or if they’re looking for 24/7 website coverage, there’s a package for them.

There are many benefits of having auto dealer chat. The fact that you can bring your website to life and greet all your online visitors is monumentally efficient. It is essential to make your visitors feel welcome. After all, your website is your virtual showroom. Would you ever let someone walk into your dealer showroom without saying “hello” at the very least? Will some people just want to look around? Absolutely! The idea of knowing that you’re there to help is very beneficial.

Auto dealer chat also enables you to convert more of your existing website traffic into leads. The reason for this is simply based on the fact that people are visiting your site because they are interested in what you’re selling. Half the battle is already won! The best part is that leads from your own website are higher quality car sales leads than those of third party providers.

Having auto dealer chat can also greatly improve your dealership reputation and branding. People are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family if they have a positive experience at your dealership. What better way to improve their experience than to begin assisting them before they even enter your showroom? Making that initial connection and building rapport is essential if you want to make an impact. Live chat enables you to turn car sales leads into lifetime customers. Doing that is priceless!

Of course, there are a few decisions that the dealer must make as far as which auto dealer chat provider to go with and which features that they want, but the majority of the decisions are already made. The biggest question that a dealer needs to ask himself is “Do I want more quality car sales leads and more car sales in general?” If the answer is yes, then Auto Dealer Chat is the hassle free answer.

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