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Coming Soon: Industry Changing Product

November 8, 2011 - 8:00 am

KeysAs wonderful as the automotive business is, it can be quite stressful too.

The majority of automotive dealers and automotive service providers have competition. After all, it wouldn’t be a business without it. After a while of friendly competition, someone has to make the move. Someone has to take the next step and create a new product that will WOW! customers.

Automotive Live Chat is amazing in itself, of course. It enables you to generate high quality leads from your own website. You’re driving traffic to your site as it is, so you might as well take full and complete advantage of where your marketing dollars are going.

But at the end of the day, there’s always room for improvement.

Our team here at Car Chat 24 asked ourselves: “What can we do to dominate the industry? What product can we give to our customers that will WOW! them but at the same time sell them even more cars?”

We believe that we have the answer.

Our new product is going to blow our competition out of the water. This brand-new-never-before-seen product is going to be the must-have item of 2012 and beyond.

I want nothing more than to give you precise details about it. But, I’m under complete zip-mouthed confidentiality.

But you have to trust me here, folks. From the reviews of our testers so far, I have no reason not to believe that pretty soon, the world of Automotive Live Chat and Dealer Website Software is going to be changed.


Be sure to check back here for updates on our Beta Launch and more details as we are given then. Our production team is hard at work perfecting this product. We want as little kinks as possible for the launch.

We’re super impatient. We want it to be done NOW.

But we’re also excited to provide our dealers with new tools that will enable them to improve their ROI even MORE. And sell even more cars. We’re learning a lot of things in the production of our new live chat product. Patience is one of them!

Be prepared, world. We’re coming!

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