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CarChat24 Announces Free Premium Dealer Chat Software and Back-Up Support for BETA Testers

January 23, 2012 - 10:18 pm

CarChat24 is going to have an Extended Beta with approved volunteer Beta test dealers to make sure our final version after Beta will be exactly the way our clients (Car Dealers) want it. Approved dealers who actively participate will be offered the free use of our premium chat software for up to 2 months, and may also qualify for our free 24/7 Staffed Back-Up support.

Offer: Approved dealers who are willing to actively participate in our Extended Beta testing will be rewarded with the free use of our new premium dealer specific live chat software. Beta test dealers may also qualify for free 24/7 Staffed Back-Up support. All we ask in return is the dealers active participation and feedback to help us make our software #1. We think we have already developed excellent software, but we will let the dealers feedback help us put the final tweaks on it before we complete our Beta and officially launch.

To Qualify dealers must register for the Always-Free version of our new Dealer Chat Software by January 31st 2012 Midnight Eastern Time. Click the link below to learn more and register. We will email out beta test applications after January 31st to everyone that has registered.

Shown below is a partial list of the premium Features the approved Beta test dealers will be testing:

  • Desk Top Operator Console application with Outlook and Skype integration
  • Droid phone and tablet operator chat applications
  • iPhone and iPad operator chat applications
  • Automated language translation
  • Admin set up and advanced analytics reporting tools
  • Intelligent chat invitations
  • Social networking integrations
  • Voice to text feature
  • Automated pre-chat feature
  • …..and a lot more!

Beta test dealers will be under no obligation to continue with any paid services, and will be returned to the always-free version of our software after the extended Beta testing ends.

We are looking forward to helping our clients efficiently sell more cars and gain the advantage over their competition!

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