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Enable Your Car Dealership Website to Generate Automotive Leads

January 30, 2013 - 8:40 pm

Auto dealership websites get built to create online leads then the management team moves its focus back to selling cars on the dealership showroom floor. But building a dealership website is only the first step. To maximize your investment and – more importantly – sell more cars, you need a strategy to generate more car sales leads from the site. The very best way to create more auto sales leads is with an interactive chat software or service solution.

Generate new car leads 24 hours a day

The magic of an online website chat solution is it can greet your website visitors “every day, every time, without exception,” to quote Grant Cardone. No longer is your dealership website limited to serving as an online brochure and inventory list; it can become an interactive experience.

Whether you use a major car dealer website provider like Cobalt or another dealer website solution, interactive web chat software or service quickly engages each guest on your site. The moment someone lands on your dealership website they are greeted with an opportunity communicate directly with a live chat operator. A chat link is always present and you have the option to pop up a reminder from time to time.

Some auto dealership owners and managers are content to utilize their sales or business development center (BDC) staff to respond to chat queries. In these cases a high quality software option that empowers the operators with a powerful arsenal of communication tools at their fingertips is an effective option. The one drawback to a software-only solution is that it likely won’t be staffed for all 24 hours in a day. Another challenge to a self-managed arrangement is that many chat inquiries are related to the service department, so if your chat operator doesn’t have an existing role handling service inquiries, you may have to develop a process and ensure your operator is compensated appropriately.

Most dealers prefer an interactive web chat service that includes a highly-trained staff that is available all day, every day. Some keys to look for when you are choosing your interactive website chat vendor include:

  • Automated Lead Capture
  • Comprehensive CRM integration
  • Appointment setting
  • Proven interactive dealership chat scripts and well-trained operators
  • Behavioral engagement that responds differently based on how the visitor landed on the website (keywords, search engine, ad, referring site, etc)
  • Does the solution offer Advanced Chat Analytics to maximize your strategy?
  • Geographic IP address data
  • Massive automotive database pre-populated with manufacturer and vehicle info

If you like the idea of using your in-house staff but like the idea of support after hours and holidays, a backup or hybrid chat solution is a great option.

Ultimately you want your dealership website to help you sell more cars, and using it to generate more leads that are much higher quality than third party auto sales leads by adding or enhancing an interactive web chat solution is one of the easiest ways to increase car dealership profits.


Auto Sales Software Works while you Sleep

When it comes to web campaigns and marketing, most dealerships feel they have the basis covered, but what they seem to overlook is the crucial element of interactivity, which can only be achieved with chat auto sales software. This software is not similar to buying sales leads in bulk, but allows you to generate your own premium listings right from your dealership website. Our best guess is that your dealership is open for roughly 12 hours a day, and if that’s the case, and you haven’t had 24/7 live chat enabled, you’re not only missing out on business when you sleep, but when your doors are open.

Keep your Dealership open 24 hours a day

Auto sales software is synonymous to a rolling sales funnel, which works it charm even when you are busy catering to other aspects of your dealership. The most significant and expensive online investment is undoubtedly your official dealership website, which is your hub for visitors eager to browse through your stocked vehicles, and seek the clarification needed in order to seal the deal. If you think your contact form is in place to work these miracles for you, you’re a few notches behind the modern day consumer.

An average consumer visits a website in the hopes of finding answers, and if they don’t is not only disappointing, but a sure shot missed opportunity. Live chat dealership auto sales software helps you avoid any of these instances from occurring, which results in an unrivalled ROI. When you execute a series of promotions from your website, you expect premium results and you see a surge of customers in your dealership.

Provoking your customers is never a Good Idea

These potential leads come in expecting a test drive, want to have their questions answered quickly, but you fall short of staff to serve them. With live chat auto sales software, this would have been a completely vivid scene altogether simply because most of these questions and test drives could be dealt on your dealership website itself. Additionally, when questions are answered, consumers feel more comfortable walking into your dealership rather than continuing to shop around.

This could be happening right now on your dealership website, and statistics prove that a dealerships best leads are conceived from their very own homepage. Buying a vehicle is never easy, and walking into a dealership with the fear of dealing with sale staff can be all the more overwhelming. Live chat auto sales software is your chance to say goodbye to missed opportunities, and reap premium perks from your dealership website.

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