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The Best Dealer Leads Come From Auto Dealer Chat

August 29, 2011 - 3:09 am

It’s safe to say that all dealers are looking for the same thing when it comes to leads. They want the best dealer leads. Dealers try numerous ways to obtain these leads; word of mouth, advertising, television commercials, and the ever so popular third party leads. While we understand that each dealer will have a different view point of which leads work best, sometimes you have to look at the facts – and those facts point to Auto Dealer Chat as being the best source of Dealer Leads.

Most people probably utilized Google, Yahoo, or another search engine to find your website. Right away, you know there’s a good chance that your website visitors know what they want – at least as far as a general idea of the merchandise and services you have to offer. To further drill down to find out exactly what they’re looking for, Auto Dealer Chat is the best way to interact with your visitors.

Auto dealer chat also caters to the comfort of the buyer. Unfortunately dealers and car salesmen in particular have a bit of a stigma, as being very aggressive when it comes to selling cars. This is a significant reason why shoppers begin their search for cars online. By connecting with the visitor via auto dealer chat, you have a better chance of getting them to interact in a fashion that is not conducive to being overwhelmed or defensive. The dealer leads you get from your website are from people who have an idea of what they’re looking for.

Even though your website is custom-made for your visitors, there is still a chance that someone may get onto your site and have a question or two. This works fine if your dealership’s doors are open for business. However, because of ever changing work schedules, some people do not make it online until the early morning hours. Surely your dealership is not open then. How do you capture these dealer leads?

By choosing an auto dealer chat who offers 24/7 Live Chat functions, you can rest assured that even when your dealership is closed, your website is still being watched over and customers’ questions are being answered. These trained agents are working efficiently and appropriately. They work in a way that best represents your dealership, and provide more dealer leads for your staff to work.

When you walk back into your dealership the next morning, your inbox will include leads that were generated overnight! Can you imagine? Dealer leads generated while you sleep. The fact is that Auto Dealer Chat can do this, and it does!

Many different dealers have many different opinions on what the most effective ways of lead generation are. In this technological day and age where everyone has a smart phone, and everyone has at least one computer at home, it is essential that you cater not only to the needs of those who walk into your dealership, but also to the needs of your website traffic who are just as much a potential customer as anyone else.

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