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3 Ways Live Chat Can Help You Get More Automotive Sales Leads and Sell More Cars

August 29, 2011 - 3:08 am

When someone calls you and offers you a new product, your first question is most likely, “What can this product do to increase my business?” With the rise in popularity of auto dealer chat, and the decrease in dependability of automotive sales leads, it’s important before you make your decision to get the software you know how it can help you generate more leads and sell more cars.

1) Freedom In The Amount Of Control You Have – As a dealer, you may want to handle all website leads yourself. Or, you may want to have a salesman or your business development center handle all incoming leads. This is a fine idea as you know your product best. However, some auto dealer chat providers also offer the option to allow them to manage your chat leads for you. The benefit of this is many of the live chat agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when your dealership is closed for the evening, the representatives are available to generate automotive sales leads for you. So, when you’re relaxing for the evening, agents are still making appointments all day and all night.

2) The Power of a Hello – When you walk into a store, doesn’t it feel a little better being greeted with a smile and a hello? Sure, there are times you don’t feel like being bothered, but knowing that someone is there to help you if you need anything is comforting. Same goes for auto dealer chat interactions. When people land on your website, before they’re a lead, they’re a visitor. So, they should be greeted and made aware if they have any questions or concerns, the chat agent is available to assist and answer inquiries. This greeting and acknowledgment can be the difference between the visitor clicking on “Chat” and clicking on the “X” to exit and go to another site.

3) Capturing Quality Automotive Sales Leads – What’s the number one reason you go into a clothing store? For clothing, right? Why do you go to a restaurant? For food. Why would someone go to a car dealer website? Probably because they want a car, parts or a service appointment. They’re already there wanting your service. They more than likely don’t need much convincing. A visitor on your website is not a cold phone call; it’s already a warm lead. They’re there because they want to be. Auto dealer chat enables you to interact with these website visitors, find out what they need, and recognize that they’re a potential lead. Leads from your website are always of better quality. Not speaking with these visitors is like letting someone walk in and out of your dealership without even saying hello.

Whether you or someone from your dealership handles your chats or if you allow the dealer chat provider to handle all of your chats, you cannot ignore that auto dealer chat is crucial in a day in age where the internet is such a common starting point for many large purchases. Not having a chat program on your website can be the difference between a “good month” and an “excellent month”.

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