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Live chat is not a condiment

Live chat not just a condiment

March 22, 2015 - 6:47 pm

Years ago adding chat to a dealership website was like adding ketchup to fries – a nice add-on, but you could live without it. Nowadays, live chat is as important on the digital marketing menu as the fries themselves. Without it your website strategy is missing an important element.

Create customers / improve satisfaction

On average 70 percent of website visitors leave without coming back. Doesn’t it make sense to make every effort to greet them? Just as a restaurant uses their food quality and service to attract and retain customers, live chat can create customers and improve satisfaction around the clock.

If you take a close look at the meat and potatoes on your website, a staple that can boost your lead count by 40-60 percent like our fully-managed chat support is a must. A waitress won’t ignore a customer seated at a restaurant, auto sales pros don’t ignore customers on the lot, and there is no way car dealers can afford to ignore website visitors by opting for no chat or using a passive or ineffective chat setup.

Effective live chat is more than just a homepage link with someone responding in between calls or service appointments. It requires a scientific approach that initiates a conversation with as many visitors as possible, as well as well-trained and scripted operators, and an extremely robust mobile interface.

Few people would choose to have a burger without fries, and performance data prove that live chat from CarChat24 is a valuable addition to dealer websites.

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