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‘OK’ is not good enough – with chat or any dealer website add-on

October 7, 2014 - 8:33 am
Sell more cars with chat

Scientific testing at CarChat24 helps sell more cars through chat

We could probably plan a cruise if we got a buck every time a dealership told us their live chat is ‘OK’. We cringe every time we hear it because we know they’re missing deals if they stick with a so-so chat software or managed chat provider. For us, that begs the question, “how many facets of their store are accepted as just ‘ok’?” Sales management? Accounting staff? Service personnel?

What about website add-ons? Is a test drive incentive that doesn’t sell more cars acceptable? How about an SEO program that yields mediocre results? Of course not. Then why settle, especially when as many as 95 percent of customers use the internet to shop for their car (Google)?

At the end of the day, of course dealers want premium services like live chat that help sell more cars, but dealer owners and managers are working with limited budgets and limited time to determine which company is ‘number one’. Having sat on the other side of the desk, we understand this dilemma. But we also know that the right product CAN move the needle, and our proven track record at CarChat24 with more than a million chat conversations under our belt, we have moved a lot of needles with our scientific approach.

Here are three questions to ask when considering a managed live chat provider:

  1. Are your best operators available 24/7? There are many decent chat companies, but when the sun goes down, so does their support.
  2. What do you consider a lead? We don’t believe a ‘request for a chat transcript’ or ‘what is your phone number in case we get disconnected’ is an opt-in lead
  3. Do your operators have CarFax and Edmunds Data available in their console? These valuable tools are one of many features that set CarChat24 apart from other providers.

When making more car deals is the priority, not only is top-rated chat the best way to bump sales, but the service and parts departments and CSI can benefit, as well. With this in mind, do you really have to settle for just ‘OK’?


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