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Chat Increasing in Popularity

Trends Point to Increased Popularity of Chat to Contact Dealers

August 3, 2014 - 7:15 pm

The numbers are pointing to a very clear trend. People are engaging with businesses in general and car dealers in particular through chat. At first, we felt that it was caused solely by the improvements we make to the pro-active way that we engage with website visitors, but it’s more than that. More people are using website chat than ever before.

After doing some research, we determined why this is happening. Yes, our software is in a constant state of improvement and that has a major impact. Then we realized that many forms of communication are heading towards “real-time text interaction” rather than good ol’ fashioned phone calls or contact forms.

You can see it happening around you. Our phones, which once upon a time were used to call people, are more and more becoming texting and messaging devices as a primary function. This is especially true for the lucrative 35-45 year old demographic that is following in their children’s footsteps. Even Facebook is forcing the issue in many ways by pushing Messenger out as a required method for mobile chat.

In the early days of automotive website development, chat was a “nice to have” feature that could be used as a way for some people to communicate with dealers. It’s quickly becoming a requirement. There’s a reason that we have diversified our dealership chat plans to include seven different options for dealers. As more dealers venture into the world of chat, it’s important that they are able to find the program that fits them best.

Chat is not going away. It’s not something that you can easily dismiss or disregard. As its relevance continues to grow and its uses advance with the technological trends, the market will grow more competitive and the need to have the best chat solution on your website will expand. Are you completely satisfied with your website chat today? Do you have a suitable chat solution in place? If not, you should contact us.

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