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Everyone is the best… if you ask them. You won’t find a single automotive website chat provider who doesn’t claim to be the best when it comes to generating leads, handling the highest possible chat volumes, or offering software that makes it easier for dealers to manage their own.

At CarChat24, we believe in backing our claims up with hard numbers. That’s why we’re willing to step into the ring with any other chat provider to compare numbers.

Regardless of who you are currently using, let us compare the results you’re currently getting with the numbers from a similar dealership. Let us know who you are, where your dealership is, and the number of visitors you’re currently getting on your website, and we’ll find a dealership that matches as closely to yours as possible. Then, we’ll compare the prominent KPIs to show you without a doubt whether you could do better with CarChat24 or if your current provider is performing at a high level.

There’s really nothing to lose. If your numbers are great, you get validation that shows that you’re already maximizing what your dealership can get out of search. If our numbers are better, you’ll have an opportunity to see how we can improve the results on your website. Either way, it’s a quick exercise that’s worthy of your time and our effort.

Please feel free to contact us on this website or visit our Showroom Chat Challenge page.

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