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avoid live chat headaches

A Quality Live Chat Provider Can Help You Avoid Headaches

November 13, 2014 - 1:02 am
avoid live chat headaches

A quality managed chat provider can help you avoid live chat headaches

Sometimes adding a new vendor or dealership website add-on can be a lot like banging your head against the wall, especially so if you choose a dollar-store chat provider. It’s easy to understand why a dealer would be tempted to jump at a bargain priced managed chat or chat software option, but if selling more cars is the goal, a little research can go a long way – and help sell a LOT more cars.

If you are thinking about adding or upgrading live chat on your dealership website, here are some tips to help you choose:

  1. Is there around-the-clock 24/7 support?
  2. Has the provider scientifically tested its interface and processes?
  3. Does the chat vendor have a high rating on
  4. Will the chat company work with the website provider to ensure a seamless setup?

Nearly half of car dealers have added chat to their websites because they understand the potential that this technology has to communicate with a generation of buyers that has grown up with Facebook and Twitter. These auto shoppers are often more comfortable typing on their phone, tablet, or computer keyboard than calling on the phone. They often don’t even have the patience to find a phone number on the homepage, much less track down a contact form or even search through the menus for a specific page, like directions or employment information.

Dealers and marketers generally have a lot bigger investment in technologies like SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) to drive more traffic to their websites, so it only makes sense to do everything possible to maximize each shopper’s visit.

If you are looking for ways to generate more leads and sell more cars with your live chat strategy on your auto dealer website, it is imperative that you think through each of these questions and choose a provider based on proven performance, not slick sales pitch or outrageous performance claims. CarChat24 is the market leader in both performance and customer satisfaction, so call today for more details about increasing your car sales.


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