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New Lead-to-Ring tech upgrades CarChat24 capability

July 4, 2017 - 3:12 pm

Operators can hot-transfer chat shoppers with a phone call to the dealer

It’s essentially a hot phone call transfer into your store directly out of a chat conversation. It works like this…

CarChat24 live chat software allows chat operators to connect a shopper with a phone call.

CarChat24 live chat software allows chat operators to connect a shopper through live chat directly to dealer staff with a phone call.

You have a solid website for your dealership with good traffic. Imagine… a visitor is on your site and has a question.

You’re already ahead of the game with live chat support from CarChat24, so when there’s a chat request, one of our well-trained chat operators is not only there to help provide answers to the shopper and quality contact information to the dealership. They can also offer to connect your guest immediately with a phone call to your staff member at your dealership, with our game-changing Lead to Ring technology. If the shopper agrees, your staff gets the call, and your dealership is on its way to delivering another vehicle with live chat from CarChat24.

Have a call, live chat, text, or even Facebook message conversation with us today and schedule a quick web demo.



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