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Mobile Chat is Even More Important than Mobile Lead Forms

February 5, 2015 - 8:29 am

Just about every dealership in North America has seen a decrease in lead form submissions while seeing an increase in sales over the last year. There are many theories behind this trend: people don’t trust forms, they’re calling instead, they’re more likely to just come in…

All of the reasons have some merit, but the biggest reason is pretty straightforward. More people are using their smartphones to surf dealer websites. You can see this trend in your analytics very clearly. With smartphones comes a difficulty with filling out multi-field lead submission forms, so many people are just bypassing them altogether.

This has made some website providers and even third-parties work on getting lead forms that are more mobile-friendly, but it’s extremely challenging when the CRMs need the multi-field forms in order to parse the data properly. There’s a better solution, or rather an alternative. Mobile chat leads are going up while all other forms are going down.

We’ve discussed the main reason for this: chat mimics texting. Most people text on their smartphones to some extent and the mobile chat feature makes it very easy to have a text-like experience to get real-time information from the dealership without having to fill out forms.

We’ve very proud of the way our interface allows for the information to be sent through to the CRM in a proper format whether the website visitor gives all of their contact information on a single chat line or if it’s spread out throughout the text dialogue. This makes it easy for dealers to get more leads and be able to properly convert the information into a format that’s perfect for CRMs.

Of course, none of it’s important if the mobile experience for the website visitor is poor, which is why we’ve put so much research and testing into building the best mobile chat interface in the industry.

We’re not saying that you should give up on getting better mobile lead forms, but don’t ignore the low-hanging fruit. Getting more mobile leads doesn’t necessarily require changing website platforms or lead form styles. It may be as simple as calling us today!

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