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Managing your dealership website is like the NFL Draft

April 28, 2016 - 11:41 pm
CarChat24 managed chat is like a quality player in the NFL Draft

CarChat24 managed chat is like a quality player in the NFL Draft. (Photo

So what does live chat have to do with the NFL draft? Plenty when you consider the importance of a car dealer website marketing strategy that maximizes every opportunity to create a deal and football teams trying to win more games. Now the suspense is over and the much-anticipated NFL draft is underway. The former and new Los Angeles Raiders grabbed Cal quarterback, Jared Goff, meanwhile the Philadelphia Eagles snagged vaunted North Dakota State quarterback, Carson Wentz.

Quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers are the glamour players on the field. They get some of the biggest paychecks and endorsement deals. I mean, can you think of a Nationwide Insurance commercial without picturing super bowl-winner Peyton Manning humming their jingle? But when you look at the players picked in the first round offensive linemen and defensive players dominate the list. That’s because it takes a well-rounded team with quality role players to win games. And the same goes for your website.

Quality 2016 NFL Draft picks can be like reliable auto dealership website vendorsYour website may be the equivalent of your franchise quarterback, but just like a football team will struggle without quality role players, success will be limited without solid offensive and defensive lines, as well as defensive backs. One of key players on your website is live chat, and CarChat24 leads the pack.

Dealers using fully managed chat from CarChat24 enjoy a 30-percent closing ratio of sold units, compared to other chat providers. We are an industry pioneer when it comes to backup chat support, and set the industry standard with high-performance mobile chat and SignalR server technology that all but eliminates dropped chats. With our launch of dealer website text capability and upcoming mobile video integration, our leadership position continues.

The leadership of NFL teams will do their best to make the most of their new rookies and boost their victories. And dealers looking to boost website leads and sales trust CarChat24 to help their internet shoppers around the clock. Call, text or chat today to schedule a quick web demo.

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