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Why live chat is important during the holidays

November 25, 2014 - 1:06 am
Live Chat on dealer websites is a great way to handle the holiday sales rush

Live Chat on dealer websites is a great way to handle the holiday sales rush

As manufacturers ramp up incentives and ad spends for the end of year auto sales push, live chat becomes more important to engage dealership website visitors and capture their lead information to help generate a sale. Like window shoppers in the mall, they are pulled in a dozen different directions during their shopping journey, so a well-executed live chat strategy is key to connect with these buyers and keep the focus on your product.

Here are just a few reasons you want to ensure your website has a quality live chat opportunity on your website as the year closes out:

  • Consumers are in a ‘buying’ mood
  • Our data historically show an increase in chat traffic during the last month of the year
  • OEM ad buys increase for the holidays
  • Incentives are increased to finish the year strong
  • Shoppers are in a bigger rush than other times during the year

If your goal is to maximize your auto dealership website to sell more cars, a quality live chat provider is a critical component for success. And with the sales waters chummed with plenty of advertising and shoppers eager to buy, now is the time to ensure you have dealership chat in place to boost leads and increase sales.


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