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Is your live chat generating sales leads or harvesting names?

August 23, 2014 - 9:09 pm
Poor Chat Leads

Where poor chat leads end up

If someone handed your dealership a list of names and numbers from the phone book and called them chat leads, would you expect to sell cars from it? That is essentially what happens when a dealership website visitor is hustled into giving up their contact information with gimmicks like, “what is your name number in case we get disconnected?”, or “what is your email address so we can send you a copy of this chat transcript?”.

Those are NOT LEADS! Sure, your BDC or sales team will have a bunch of names and numbers to call, but their time is much better spent calling service drive customers or previous customers, rather than chasing someone who hasn’t expressed interest in your product. At CarChat24, we have a very strict lead definition: A lead is someone who has REQUESTED and AGREED in a chat conversation to be contacted by dealership personnel.

We believe that a good chat conversation will begin building a relationship between the dealership and dealership website visitor. Our operators understand that the purpose of a chat is to get the customer enough information to start the sales process, then get permission and contact information, and if possible, actually schedule a showroom appointment. At that point, the dealership takes over and converts a chat lead to a car sale.

Implemented properly with scientifically-tested processes, an effective live chat strategy can help dealerships convert one percent or more of unique website visitors to chat leads. Contact us for more details.

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