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Jeff Sterns on CBT to discuss dealership self-managed chat

May 30, 2016 - 2:09 am

CarChat24 Vice President of Sales, Jeff Sterns, discussed car dealer self-managed chat when he was a guest on CBT News last week. Sterns told the Car Biz Today anchors about the challenges dealers face when they rely on their staff to be available with chat software within a few seconds and continue chat conversations for 10 or 20 minutes or more. Even with the same scripts and tools that CarChat24 operators use, dealer staff typically struggle to match the lead results because it is only a small corner of their work day. Whereas CarChat24 operators can help boost car dealership leads with managed chat by 50 percent or more because that is their core specialty.

Often dealers assume their sales team is ideally positioned to respond to chat requests, but there are a few specific obstacles to this plan:

  • Salespeople tend to be busiest when customers want to chat, especially Saturdays and the last few days of the month
  • Forty percent or more of all chat conversations are about the service or parts departments and salespeople are often less than enthusiastic (or just don’t care) about handling them
  • Salespeople often struggle with CRM, so another software adds to that stress
  • How happy are you with the sales team’s handling of phone ups? Are you ready to hand out Starbucks gift cards or hide in a back room? Now add new software, typing speed, spelling, and things like all caps to this equation
  • Salespeople and even BDC staff are a better investment when they’re doing what they do best: selling, either in front of a customer or working the phones; not taking chat conversations

CarChat24 handles more than 80,000 chat conversations a month, and we’ve had eight years to research the best ways for dealerships to connect to customers with live chat on their website. Call, chat, or text today to schedule your quick internet demo.

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