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How important is mobile for live chat?

April 28, 2015 - 1:55 pm

With mobile device traffic on dealership websites approaching and even passing 50 percent in some markets, the client-side live chat interface is our highest priority. Even with the best-designed mobile chat interface that is continuously updated with the latest computer engineering, we continue to adapt to the changing mobile phone marketplace.

With every new iPhone, Android, and Windows phone generation, our chat software evolves to leverage the power of these new devices so mobile website visitors receive an effective engagement that can generate a 50 percent increase in website leads or more over website form counts. While there CAN be some engagement just using SMS chat, why limit the customer engagement to a text-only medium with a character limit?

Many of the benefits of dealership website live chat on the desktop extend  to the mobile phone, like pushing a CarFax logo and link, as well as opening push-pages in new browser window with the shopper’s permission to greatly enhance their online shopping experience. The goal of live chat – even on mobile devices is still to generate a lead. With a continuous research and development commitment, CarChat24 ensures our mobile chat interface continues to lead the pack in design and performance – and help our customers close 30 percent more car deals than any other provider.

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