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Holiday season is most important for managed chat and text to boost web sales 50 percent

November 30, 2016 - 1:34 am
Holiday season is when managed chat from CarChat24 can help the most.

Holiday season is when managed chat from CarChat24 can help the most.

The next 35 days typically have the highest website traffic of the year and are critical to have managed chat. Car dealers are working hard to finish the year strong and the OEMs have massive ad buys to pull buyers into the dealership. This boost to website visitor counts is one of the most critical times to leverage the power of chat and text to generate more leads – and more car sales.

With a busy staff and busy website, car dealers need managed chat

Not only is web traffic (hopefully) increased – but walk-in and phone traffic generally climb as well, so your staff won’t have the time to interrupt their other calls or showroom visits to chat for eight to ten minutes or more for a chat or text conversation. That is why quality managed chat is paramount. Highly-trained CarChat24 operators are on standby 24 hours a day to respond to chat and text requests from website shoppers. They have an arsenal of word tracks that have been A/B tested and proven to generate the highest quality contact information and give dealer website visitors a quality experience.

Car dealers need to leverage the website lead and sales boost of 50 percent or more to help close the year strong and grab these missed opportunities in 2017.

CarChat24 continues to pace the industry as the only chat provider with cutting-edge SignalR technology that is optimized for mobile website chat. In addition, our data protection is certified by TRUSTe. In addition, integrated CarFax, Edmunds Data and Google Translate mean car shoppers can get the information they need from CarChat24 operators and have a reason to provide quality lead information for dealers to continue the sales process. Call, chat, or text us today to learn how easy it is to finish the year strong with managed chat and text.

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