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Fancy bells and whistles – really necessary for live chat?

April 13, 2016 - 12:03 pm
Managed chat - more than magic tricks

Quality live chat from CarChat24 is more than magic tricks

When it comes to live chat software for the auto industry, every company has a little different philosophy about interface, operators, and processes. We often get asked about inventories built into the chat box, instant video transfer to the dealership, and a host of other whiz-bang features being pitched to car dealers. At the same time, other chat providers are content with legacy tech and interfaces, white-labeled basic software and antiquated website code that frustrates website providers by slowed page-load speeds leading to lower search engine rankings.

What matters most is which chat provider sells the most cars

At the end of the day, and especially the end of the month, all smoke and mirrors and fancy accessories only count if they help sell the most cars from live chat. For nearly a decade the CarChat24 research and development team has tested every single facet of its software interface, custom chat operator console and processes to generate the most unit sales from chat of any provider.

Everything from the size and placement of the chat icons, operator photos, timing and location of proactive invite popup, and even secure chat window with dealer branding has been scientifically tested to ensure the best performance. In addition, CarChat24 pioneered SignalR technology to boost mobile chat reliability and custom-designed its operator chat console to generate quality auto sales leads. We are even the only managed chat provider with a mobile chat popup invitation.

How do you know if the bells and whistles make a difference?

If you’re curious how if chat bells and whistles make a difference on the performance of live chat, there are a couple of ways you can find out. First, check to see if the chat provider is using this technology on their own website. Second, ask the provider to see an random example of actual analytics to see how often these fancy tools are used and how well they actually generate leads.

In addition, how many of these work at all on mobile devices? With more than half of dealer website traffic coming from mobile that means only a portion of shoppers will actually see the fancy tools.

When car dealers are shopping for vendors, it’s easy to get drawn into a product by whiz-bang features, but with a focus on ROI and actual sold units, there is a reason CarChat24 is the top choice.
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