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Don’t forget live chat leads on your credit website

October 6, 2015 - 2:45 am

credit chatNot only does live chat boost leads and sales on dealership websites, but in our experience, putting managed chat on credit websites often results in double the leads of a regular dealership website. Our well-designed live chat often generates a lead rate of two percent or more compared to unique visits – twice as much as a well-performing dealer site.

Here are three questions to ask when shopping for a chat provider for your credit website:

  • How are the chat lead results on regular dealership sites – not just leads, but SALES from chat leads? CarChat24 leads the industry in leads and sales from chat on dealer websites.
  • Does the company have managed chat operators and processes to handle credit inquiries? CarChat24 has completed more than a million chat conversations and provides stellar results for numerous credit websites.
  • Do they have a dedicated chat interface that is engineered for mobile devices? The mobile chat developed by CarChat24 continues to set the benchmark in the auto industry for dedicated mobile chat.

If you use a credit website for auto shoppers, our managed chat and chat software are an ideal choice to increase leads by as much as two percent or more. Contact us today for more details.

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