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Don’t be held hostage by live chat icons

May 23, 2016 - 11:35 pm

CarChat24 offers unlimited design and color combinations

CarChat24 has customizable live chat icons that enhance website design

CarChat24 has customizable live chat icons that enhance website design

Be sure your live chat icons have design flexibility. Before Al Gore invented the internet and even before AOL chat rooms gave a taste social media’s future, computers used floppy disks and CRT monitors were black and white, like watching Mickey Mouse Club in the 1960’s. Through the 1980’s we were limited to 16 colors, then in the 90’s and trough today we enjoy 16.7 million different colors on our computer, tablet and mobile screens – sometimes at mind-boggling resolutions.

CarChat24 allows dealers to customize live chat iconsWith all this flexibility available, why do other live chat providers only offer a few (or ONLY ONE) color and design option for their dealer website installs? After all, there are numerous website templates, even with OEM restrictions. And if your OEM website requires red or blue or another color, why not have a variety of icon looks to compliment the motif. We can’t speak for other chat companies, but the CarChat24 live chat setup allows for every color combination for nearly all our icon setups. You can pick by color, by hexadecimal code, or even upload a custom icon of your own design.

After all, you choose a unique website look and composition to represent your store in your market and not be a clone of your competitors. You choose unique factory and market graphics and carefully pick each element on the site. So why settle for a generic chat interface that looks like a bunch of other dealer websites or classified listings in town?

Unique live chat icons – we can do that

Do you want a female image on the left side of the chat icon with a dark red background? We can do that. Is your website better suited for a light blue or green tab on either side with dark letters? We can do that. Want a different font that’s a bit more artistic? We can do that, too.

CarChat24 leads the auto industry in innovation. From 24-hour dedicated operators to revolutionary SignalR technology that gives us the most reliable mobile chat for car dealers, we continue to enhance the way dealers can connect with their car shoppers. Call, text or chat with us today to schedule your demo.


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