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Use chat and text to connect all your marketing channels

January 2, 2017 - 12:17 am
Link all media with CarChat24 text and chat

Link all media with CarChat24 text and chat

In many cases live chat on a dealer website becomes a ‘set it and forget it’ technology. And if it’s a quality install from CarChat24, that can be an effective choice – just start selling the leads we provide. But savvy dealers are taking the technology to the next level to charge up the response on virtually ALL marketing channels. Given the drop in form leads on car dealership mobile websites and the greater challenges cutting through the clutter with SEM and SEO, this is a great way to move the needle with digital engagement.

Include chat and text links on ALL media channels

One thing you can do is announce the availability of chat on other media sources. But with our TextUs! option, you can actually include the phone number for the shopper to contact immediately through SMS messaging. The reality is that live chat and text can and should be tied to the following channels at minimum:

  • Broadcast media – be sure to announce in both television and radio ads that live chat and/or text are available (around the clock, if you’re using CarChat24)
  • Direct mail – it’s still a million-dollar industry and can help move cars in certain parts of the country. Put a chat or text bubble on your piece to invite a conversation
  • Lot inventory (and dealership doorways) – many dealers notice a measurable increase in leads by putting printouts on cardstock or clings in the vehicle windows with the dealer’s SMS text number. The same goes for auto shows or off-site displays
  • Social Media – Include reminders that shoppers can chat or text with you in your social media post rotations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Email marketing – From signature lines to ads and newsletters, links to chat and text keep the technology in front of your customers and give them additional ways to contact the store

One additional thought is to make sure chat and text are on ALL your websites. Many stores have primary and factory-mandated sites, as well as microsites or dedicated sites for credit and used cars. Don’t forget those. Chat and text continue to grow as key communications tools for dealers and car shoppers on websites. Savvy dealers continue to look for ways to maximize the potential of this impressive technology.

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