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Chat Mimics Texting

Chat Mimics Texting on Dealer Websites

Many dealers are starting to use text messaging as part of their communication attempts with customers. It works wonders when it comes to communicating with leads, but few are seeing the benefits of text when it comes to generating fresh leads. This is where chat comes into play.

Chat and texting are very similar. They’re both real-time communication. They interface and style is nearly identical on mobile phone. They both circumvent the need to put the phone to the ear and communicate verbally (something that is becoming less popular in today’s society). The millions of people in North America who text more than talk on their smartphones are the people who may find dealership website chat more appealing than calling or filling out a lead form.

We attribute this similarity to the increase in chats that we’re seeing on our clients’ websites. The number of chat engagements has steadily risen for a couple of years now, faster than the increase in traffic to the dealerships’ websites. A higher percentage of website visitors are using chat as their first option to communicate with the dealership and the trends are continuing to point upward.

With mobile standing as such an important component of digital marketing for car dealers, it makes sense to give your mobile website visitors a method of communication that is easier and more familiar to them. Mobile chat is like texting to many of your website visitors. It’s apparent in the numbers and it is logically sound considering the shift away from phone conversations and email.

We strongly encourage ever dealer to do one of two things:

  • If you don’t have proper proactive chat on your website, take a closer look at chat as part of your website marketing.
  • If you do have proactive chat with another provider, let us show you how we can improve the performance of your chat through our scientific methodology rather than the status quo that most vendors have been living in for a while now.

Chat is more than a job. It’s our passion. This mobile trend towards texting is opening up opportunities for those dealers who are willing to explore more deeply. We can help with that.

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