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Why 24-hour chat? Because data never sleeps!

December 7, 2014 - 3:00 pm

With more than 100,000 tweets nearly 700 million Facebook updates posted every minute, there is no doubt that internet shoppers are active around the clock and they are comfortable using their keyboards for communication. These are the same people shopping for cars on your dealership website. In some cases buyers who prefer to communicate with live chat can add as much as 50 percent to a dealer website form lead count. So if your store gets 100 website leads, chat software with well-trained operators can add 50 more. A website that generates 300 forms can add 150 leads or more.

CarChat24 Data Never Sleeps

Modern dealership website shoppers use live chat 24 hours a day

Today’s car buyers generally live on the web. Doesn’t it make sense to use the web to talk to them? This graphic by web data company, DOMO, also shows that Flikr users are posting more than 5 million photos every day. A well-executed managed chat strategy doesn’t just give shoppers a great way to communicate with your customers. And if these shoppers are visiting your website around the clock and willing to communicate with their keyboard, you can’t afford to ignore them with part-time chat.


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